A successful Kick-Off Worksop for the CoP MetLAC in Colombia laid the groundwork for this ambitious methane mitigation initiative

The Recycle Organics team flew to Bogota, Colombia last week alongside the LEDS LAC Platform and the Global Methane Hub to host the Kickoff Workshop for the Community of Practice on reducing methane emissions from organic sources in Latin America and the Caribbean (CoP Met-LAC).

Seeking to create and strengthen community engagement among CoP member organizations and individuals, the workshop helped to lay the foundations on which the work of the CoP Met-LAC will be built, facilitating knowledge exchange among participants, establishing a baseline of progress and interests, and identifying thematic priorities for planned activities.

The Workshop also allowed CoP members to connect in-person for the first time and establish a common framework regarding the importance of reducing #methane emissions, alternatives to reducing emissions from #organic sources, the benefits in terms of national and local development and other relevant issues.

The Workshop included a site visit to Control Ambiental de Colombia Organic Waste Plant in Facatativá, Cundinamarca, a trailblazing company in Colombia’s sustainable waste management industry since 1995.

Overall, the CoP Met-LAC seeks to drive positive change in the region by promoting cooperation, sharing best practices, lessons learned and innovative approaches to accelerate action to address methane emissions from organic waste management, thereby contributing to sustainable development and a greener future for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Download the report in English and Spanish below and learn more about the MetLAC 2023 Kickoff Workshop!